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2 May 2012


Franklin Farms Homeowners Association, Inc.

Policy Statement

Adopted 5/2/2012



In lieu of recent developments in Florida regarding crime watches and to avoid any express or implied liability of the Association and/or the Board of Directors this policy is hereby adopted effective immediately by the Board of Directors.


Any group or individual activity in Franklin Farms not initiated by the Board of Directors will not be sanctioned, endorsed or supported by the Board of Directors or the Association. These activities include but are not limited to: crime watch; or any individual or group trespassing on private property for any reason whether or not a member of the Board or any committee.


The Board encourages anyone who see any suspicious activities or persons in the area to call the police at 954-765-4321 and leave any further action to the proper authorities.


Any potential City of Miramar code violation may be reported to the City at 954-602-3174.


Any potential violation of the Association Rules & Regulations may be reported to the Association by mail at 9421 Belaire Drive, Miramar, FL 33025, email at ffhoamail@yahoo.com, or by phone to 954-435-9729.

Revised 1/20/2022 KAN