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Meeting Information

This page includes the agenda for any scheduled Board of Director's meeting and the minutes of past meetings.

All Board meetings will be held at the new meeting room in RiverRun Park across Miramar Blvd from our development.. Any homeowner is welcome to attend. Please advise the Board in advance if you wish to speak at the meeting or if you have any concerns that you wish to be addressed by the Board at a meeting.

To all Franklin Farms Homeowners,

The regular board meetings for 2021 are suspended due to covid restriction until further notice.
If you have any questions or concerns please join us or send me an email to share with the board.
Denise Glaser
Currently scheduled zoom meetings for 2021:


Board - TUESDAY January 19st

Board - Monday March 22nd

Board - Monday May 24th


Annual - Saturday November 6th 10 am

Board - Saturday November 6th - following annual meeting

19 Jan 2021    Zoom board meeting
21 Sep 2020    Sept zoom board meeting
21 Jan 2020    Jan board meeting
2 Nov 2019    Annual meeting

None held due to lack of quorum

16 Sep 2019    Board Meeting
20 May 2019    Board Meeting
18 Mar 2019    Board Meeting
10 Nov 2018    Annual meeting
10 Nov 2018    Board Meeting
15 Oct 2018    Board Meeting
20 Aug 2018    Board Meeting
21 May 2018    Board Meeting
1 Nov 2017    Board Meeting
19 Sep 2017    Board Meeting
3 May 2017    Board Meeting
1 Mar 2017    Board Meeting
1 Feb 2017    Board Meeting

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