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20 Aug 2018

Call to order –  7pm AT River Run Park


            Present – Beverly Adams, Denise Glaser, Ralph Charles, Kerri Nesbeth, Lloyd Singh


            Property owners – 2241 Dunhill, 9521 Belaire, 2341 Dunhill


Item – Approval of prior minutes


Unanimously approved as presented


Item – Election of new president


Letter of resignation by Phyliss Myers presented


The board unanimously elected Ralph Charles as president and Kerri Nesbeth as vice president


Item – Officers Reports


            President  - none

            Vice-President - none

            Secretary/Treasurer – presented financial statements thru 7/31/18


Item – Annual Meeting


It was decided to move the meeting to Saturday Nov 10 10 am and serve refreshment to encourage participation


Kerri will distribute flyers

We will get signs of meetings for entrances to community


Item - Past due accounts


9560b – court hearing today on amended final judgement. Our challenge of bankruptcy value was won, and bankruptcy thrown out.


Item – Violation activity


Mgmt company doing good job – neighborhood looking better. Will sent out message if you need additional time contact them and they will work with you


Item – landscaping


Terre Verde – will distribute times to board members


            Will contact them re tree trimming

            Waiting for response from the re: trees at 9410 Ashley


Always Green – started quarterly maintenance contract for sprinkler system


Item – ACC requests


The board approved all requests as submitted


Item – New paint brochures


Brochures no longer available – will try to get copies done


New business


Officer Parker reported car break-ins on Belaire and a house burglary on Chelsea


The city needs to be contacted about uneven sidewalks


Adjourn – there being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm


Respectfully submitted,





Denise Glaser

Secretary Treasurer


Revised 1/20/2022 KAN