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Changes to Your Home

Prior to making any changes to the exterior of your home you must request and receive approval from the Architectural Control Committee and/or the Board of Directors. Failure to obtain approval before making changes will result in a $10.00 delinquent ACC form fee.

You can obtain an Architectural Modification Request Form by clicking here. You will need to download and print it out from your computer.


Next Steps for Homeowner's

  • Please review the Association's Documents tab for the current rules and regulations.
  • Submit the completed Architectural Modification Request Form by mail to 5350 10th Avenue N, Suite 1, Greenacres, FL 33463 or via email to alberto@infinityflorida.net.
  • The Board will process the completed form as quickly as possible and you will receive an approval letter or email for your records.

Delinquent ACC Form Fee: All changes to the exterior of you home require the submission of a completed ACC form before any work is done. This has been in effect since the association started in 1986. If you modify the exterior of your home without first submitting an ACC form you will receive a violation notice from the association and will need to submit the Architectural Modification Request Form with a $10 late fee before approval of the requested modification is considered.


Exterior Color Schemes

  • To simplify our procedures, we have adopted these guidelines for permissable allowable house colors. Color schemes within the guidelines do not require prior approval.
    • White
    • Light, pastel, or muted green, blue, brown, tan, peach, gray, yellow
    • Medium tan, brown, blue, green, gray
  • Trim and accent colors should be complimentary and garages doors must be one color – no checkerboards.
  • Any deviation from these guidelines requires an ACC form to be submitted to the board for approval. If you have any doubts about your color choices, please submit an ACC form to the board for approval prior to painting.


  • Effective July 1, 2007 the only fencing allowed will be White PVC vinyl in 6 foot privacy or 4 foot closed picket styles.
  • Previously installed chain link and wooden fences may be repaired but if replacement is needed they can only be replaced with white PVC vinyl.

Circular Driveways

  • Material– concrete, stamped concrete, or pavers (no asphalt is permitted). Any stamped design and/or color must be approved separately.
  • Thickness of concrete– 4” reinforced concrete in area from sidewalk to house, 6” unreinforced in swale area. Reinforcement is not allowed in the swale area due to easements requirements of the City of Miramar code.
  • Driveway widths: No less than 10 feet and no more than twelve feet in the circular section beginning at the sidewalk. No more than 18 feet in the straight section including the existing straight driveway.
  • Setback– the required distance from the property line is no less than five (5) feet
  • Landscaping – the half moon area must be landscaped with trees and or bushes. Landscaping to be approved separately.


  • Beginning 1/1/2016 all mailboxes will be provided by and maintained by the association. If it becomes necessary to repair or replace a homeowner’s mailbox more than once in a 12-month period, the cost will be billed to the homeowner.
  • Report any problems promptly to the Association at ffhoainformation@gmail.com.

Revised 1/20/2022 KAN