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23 May 2022


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Franklin Farms Homeowners Association 

Board Meeting Minutes 

Date of Meeting: Saturday, January 15, 2022 

On Saturday, January 15, 2022 the Franklin Farms Homeowners Association board of directors  held its board meeting via teleconference (ZOOM). The meeting was called to order at  approximately 10:04 AM by President, Kerri-Ann Nesbeth.  

The following board members were present during the meeting:  

Kerri-Ann Nesbeth  

Karen Sanchez  

Lloyd Singh  

Omena Wint  

Olgine Brevil 

Also present at the meeting was Satia Timmons from Phoenix Management Services.  Kerri-Ann Nesbeth confirmed a quorum of the Board of Directors 

Meeting Minutes: The board reviewed the November & December meeting minutes; a motion  was made to approve the November meeting minutes as read by Omena Wint second by Lloyd.  Another motion was made to approve the December meeting minutes as read by Karen, second  by Lloyd.  

Financial Update: Satia advised that she is unable to provide a financial update due to the  financials not being ready. A follow up email has been sent to Monica to ensure they are ready  by January 20th, 2022. 

2022 Meeting Schedule: Kerri-Ann reviewed the 2022 Meeting Schedule, after further  discussion and Phoenix’s availability, meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of every month  starting the 3rd Saturday in March. Board advised that the meeting schedule will be posted on the  association’s website.  

Board Report & Updates:  

President: Kerri-Ann discussed that she has been communicating with the homeowners within  the community in regards to the damages caused by AT&T, as a support to the homeowners and  assist in anyway possible.  

Vice President: Karen discussed the fire that occurred within the community, she wanted to  know what the cause of the fire was. Kerri-Ann stated that the fire was caused by a dryer in the  homeowner’s garage, however, there were no casualties.

Secretary: No updates or report, he has been receiving communications from homeowners and  they are being forwarded to Satia for further assistance.  

Treasurer: No updates or report. Awaiting financial reports from Monica to get a better  understanding of the association finances and the delinquency for the association.  

Director: No report or update.  

New Business

Lloyd requested an update in regards to the removal of the Christmas Lights. Kerri-Ann advised  that the lights and Christmas ornaments will be removed by the company at the end of the month.  

Open Forum:  

The board requested to be copied on all email communications sent from the management office  to the Franklin Farms homeowners.  

Kerri-Ann discussed the home within the community that was painted pastel blue with a bright  trim, the board members advised that they will be driving by the home within the upcoming  week to see how they would like to proceed with the homeowner. In the meantime, a letter will  be sent advising the homeowner that the trim color has to be changed.  

Omena discussed the possibility of installing poop bag stations within the community, Kerri-Ann  discussed that at this time it is not within the association’s budget, however, it is something that  can be revisited for the 2023 budget. The budget would include the installation of the poop  stations and the maintenance for removing the bags on a weekly basis.  

Denise stated that she is having issues making a payment online through Phoenix website, there  is no balance reflecting online. Satia stated that she will follow up with Roxon in regards to the  issue to ensure it gets resolved as soon as possible.  

Satia advised that a notice will be sent out to the homeowners, including an envelope and invoice  for them to make their annual maintenance payments.  

Omena discussed the fining committee and would like for homeowners to join if possible. Kerri Ann discussed that over the years, the board has tried to form a fining committee but  homeowners are scared of retaliation. The board will try to find recruits to join.  

Meeting was adjourned at 11:07 A.M. by the board of directors.

Kerri-Ann Nesbeth

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