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21 Jan 2020

Call to order –  

At 7:15 at Denise Glaser’s house since the city did not show up to open the meeting room.

Directors present – Denise Glaser, Beverly Adams, Lloyd Singh, Kerri-Ann Nesbeth

Homeowner resent – 9431 Belaire


Item – Approval of prior minutes

Unanimously approved as presented


Item – Officers Reports




            Secretary/Treasurer – see attached financials

                        All returns filed as required for 2019

                        Collections as od JN 19 $8790

                        Detail of expenses by payee presented

                        Website updated for 2019 financials, 2020 meeting dates and 2020 budget



Item - Past due accounts


        Foreclosures and bankruptcies


                        9560 B – bankruptcy ended for non-compliance, in foreclosure  to be sold at auction on Oct 29

                        Auction cancelled – still receiving payments from trustee


Item – Iguana control


We signed a contract with Redline for 12 visits for $2000, we have paid $1000

They have made the following visits –

                        May 30 – one hour

                        June 6 – two hours

                        July 5 – one hour

                        August 9 – one hour

                        September 12 – one hour


2nd payment made – they made 3 visits – 1 no charge – 4 visits remaining



Item – lake ownership


            `question of property taxes – do we want to go forward since we would have the property tax issue and liability issue – unanimously voted no.


Item – ACC requests

All approved as presented



New business


            Violations – fining committee – unable to get mgmt. co to respond

            Violations – black sidewalks – notified city and mgmt. co twice – no response from either


Heard from mgmt. company they will send report this month.


Adjourn 7:50


Denise Glaser


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