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25 Jan 2022

Franklin Farms HOA

Board of Directors - Board Meeting Minutes

December 27, 2021


On Monday, December 27, 2021, at 6:09 pm Omena Wint called the Board Meeting to order and Karen Sanchez seconded. A quorum was established as the following Board members were on the line: Kerri Ann Nesbeth, Omena Wint, Karen Sanchez, and Olgine Brevil. Lloyd Singh was absent as he is away on vacation.


Meeting Minutes

The Property Manager, Satia Timmons explained that the Annual Meeting Minutes and Financials will be available by next week. Once the meeting minutes are available and approved the meeting minutes will be uploaded to the association website for the homeowners to view.


Financial Update

President, Kerri Ann Nesbeth gave the best available financial update. Explaining that the association currently has cash on hand of $25,775, half of which is in the Checking account and the other have is in the Reserves account. Kerri Ann stressed that the financials are available and uploaded on the association’s website.


Property Manager, Satia Timmons explained that the monthly financials are usually prepared and completed by the bookkeeper by the 20th of each month.


With the transition from a self-managed community to now being managed by a management company (Phoenix Management), there have been some delays in properly gathering the preparing the financials.


President, Kerri Ann Nesbeth presented and explained the 2022 proposed budget line by line. The floor was open for any clarifying questions from the other Board members and/ or homeowners on the line. It was explained that historically the association has not increased the annual assessment from $210 for more than 5 years at least. To support the rising cost to manage the community the annual assessment will be increased incrementally each year. In the proposed budget, the 2022 annual assessment will be $220 with no $10 discount given the over 99% percent of the community signed up for electronic communications.  As the association by-laws state, the association will not increase the annual assessment by more than 10% each year.


Kerri Ann Nesbeth made a motion to approve the 2022 proposed budget, the motion was seconded by Omena Wint, all in favor.


Satia Timmons explained how the process should flow to inform the community of the approved budget and 2022 increased annual assessment fee of $220.00. A copy of the approved budget letter, the approved budget, a payment envelope, and a revised welcome letter will be sent to all homeowners.


Board Titles

Currently, Kerri Ann Nesbeth is serving as President and Lloyd Singh as Secretary /Treasurer.  Kerri Ann Nesbeth made a motion to assign the following Board titles: Karen Sanchez as Vice President, Omena Wint as Treasurer, Olgine Brevil as General Director, and Lloyd Singh and Secretary. Olgine Brevil seconded the motion, all in favor. 


Association Officers will be updated on Sunbiz and the bank account.


2022 Board Meeting Schedule

The Board discussed monthly meeting options. The 3rd Monday or Saturday of each month was suggested. Management will confirm availability then the Board will set and confirm dates. Tentatively the upcoming meeting schedule is Saturday, Jan 22nd, 2022, and Saturday, Feb 19th, 2022.


Board Report & Updates

Kerri Ann reported that there was no other report to present from the Board. As for updates, homeowners have requested for her to visit their property to see the lawn that has been dug up and damaged.  She is continuing to advise homeowners to contact AT&T about the issue. As for the holiday lighting contest, unfortunately, no homeowners voted. In the past printed flyers that were delivered to each home receive and better community response.


No Old Business


No New Business


Open Forum

The discussion was had about trespassing behind homes onto the bank of the lake. Karen Sanchez will follow up with Lloyd Singh about the company the provided signage for the community.


Kerri Ann Nesbeth made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:09 pm. Karen Sanchez seconded the motion, all in favor. All callers hung up and property manager Satia Timmons ended the call.  

Kerri-Ann Nesbeth

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