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17 Sep 2022

Board of Directors Meeting
Official Minutes
September 17, 2022 held In Person at River Run Park and Via Zoom
The meeting was called to order at 10:12am by Kerri-Ann Nesbeth.
Board Members present to constitute a quorum: Kerri-Ann Nesbeth, President; Lloyd Singh, Secretary; and
Omena Wint, Treasurer attended in person. Karen Sanchez, Vice President and Olgine Brevil, Director joined via
zoom at 10:26am.
Management present: Lynne Sansoucie, LCAM, CMCA, AMS; and Patricia Lewis attended in person. Alberto
Collins, LCAM attended via Zoom.
Guests present: Representatives from Miramar Police Department and Miramar Code Enforcement.
The Board of Directors reviewed the minutes of the July 16, 2022 Board meetings. Omena Wint made a motion,
seconded by Lloyd Singh, to approve the minutes as submitted. The motion carried unanimously.
Officer Yessenia Diaz from Miramar Police Department made a presentation about CPTED. She advised that car
break-ins are on the rise and that all residents should be careful not to leave anything of value inside the vehicles.
A representative from Miramar Code Enforcement discussed violations of City Code and how their department
handles them.
Omena Wint gave the Treasurer’s Report. There are 3 accounts in collection that are ready for Claim of Lien. The
Board voted unanimously to move forward on those 3 collection accounts.
Olgine Brevil and Karen Sanchez left the meeting.
The Board reviewed proposals for irrigation. Kerri-Ann Nesbeth made a motion, seconded by Lloyd Singh, to
approve the proposal from Staying Green. The motion carried 3-0.
President Kerri-Ann Nesbeth appointed the following members to the Fining Committee:
Yvenice Sagesse, Beverly Adams, and Angelia Hosten
A meeting will be set up with the fining committee to elect a chairperson and to decide on fine amounts.
There was a discussion about mailbox repairs. Management will get a quote for the next meeting.
There was discussion about holiday planning. It was suggested that the decorations be purchased and kept in
storage rather than renting them.
A draft budget for 2023 was presented to the Board for review. The Board will make any necessary changes to the
proposed budget and it will be mailed to the members before the next meeting.
The floor was opened to the members. There was discussion about roof cleaning products, sidewalks, Iguana
control, parking on the lawns and sidewalks. Roofs can be “soft cleaned” with a product that does not damage the
roof. The City of Miramar can be contacted about any issues with the main sidewalks throughout the community.
Code Enforcement and Property Management are issuing violations for parking on the lawn. Code Enforcement
issues violations for parking on or across the sidewalks.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 11:54am.
Respectfully submitted by:
Lynne Sansoucie, LCAM, CMCA, AMS

Revised 1/20/2022 KAN