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1 Nov 2017

Call to order –  

At 7:05 pm at River Run Park meeting room following aborted annual meeting -  no quorum established.


            Denise Glaser and Lloyd Singh appointed by remaining board members to empty positions.

            Kerri Anne Nesbeth  - 2431 Dunhill appointed as additional 6th director.


Item – Approval of prior minutes


May and September minutes unanimously approved as presented.


Item – Officers Reports. (if not done at annual meeting)




            Secretary/Treasurer – see attached financial statements


                        Monthly maintenance lowered from $965 to 800

                        Reserve expenses – signs $800, wall painting $6600, replace jet trophy trees at main entrance (in progress) $4200


Item - Past due accounts (if not done at annual meeting)


            One in bank foreclosure – estate

Two with attorney


Item – Election of officers for 2018


            Unanimously election of officers as previously constituted.


Item – Items from annual meeting if quorum was not met


            Services directory on website to be established during 2018

            Holliday decoration contest to continue for this year

            Need decorations committee for entrances – Kerri will look into non-electrical decorations for Fairmont and Dunhill entrances

            Dues can now be paid online thru QuickBooks – will mail out invoices in Jan

            Decided to look into management company for violations – will get details and email directors


            Looking at terms and cancellation policy


Item –2018 meeting schedule


Decided to keep at first Wed of alternate months starting in January with no meeting in July.


There being no further items the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Denise Glaser



Revised 1/20/2022 KAN