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16 Sep 2019

Call to order –  


7 pm, directors present – Kerri Nesbeth, Denise Glaser, Ralph Charles, Beverly Adams

Homeowners – 2361F, 9410A, 9580B, 9591B, 9501C, 9531B

Item – Approval of prior minutes


Unanimously approved as corrected

Item – Officers Reports




            Secretary/Treasurer – financial presented


2020 Budget

Unanimously approved as presented, dues remain at $210


Item - Past due accounts


        Foreclosures and bankruptcies


                        9300 A – out of foreclosure – sent to attorney

                        9330 B – sold at foreclosure auction – new owners to contact attorney for payment – they will be fixing up the property

            9560 B – bankruptcy ended for non-compliance, in foreclosure  to be sold at auction on Oct 29


Item – Iguana control


We signed a contract with Redline for 12 visits for $2000, we have paid $1000

They have made the following visits –

                        May 30 – one hour

                        June 6 – two hours

                        July 5 – one hour

                        August 9 – one hour

                        September 12 – one hour


Item – treatment of Black Olive trees - tabled


Item – lake ownership- tabled – need to contact atty for legal implications


Item – ACC requests

3 approved

New business


    Ring offer – sent to homeowners, was good 9/6 for 10 days, $40 discount with code

     New requirements for room usage – city has new system, permits needed – obtained for the Nov annual meeting on Sat Nov 2nd.

Other items -

  1. Report from Officer Parker – car burglaries in Riverdale, she will email Denise info to send to homeowners
  2. Sea Castle – additional complaints heard from homeowners especially about mornings
  3. Denise will put out email on dogs – need to e on leash and picked up after
  4. 9410A – tree on Miramar Blvd swale is dead – will call Terre Verde to remove – also have broken sprinkler main under tree. Sprinkler company checking on this tomorrow
  5. Discussion of Fining Committee – cannot gets 3 residents to volunteer.


Adjourn 8pm





Denise Glaser


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