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20 May 2019

Call to order –  7 pm at River Run Park meeting room

Directors present – Kerri Nesbeth, Beverly Adams, Denise Glaser, Ralph Charles

Homeowners represented 9521 B, 9400 D, 9410 A and 9400 C

Item – Approval of prior minutes


Unanimously approved as presented

Item – Officers Reports



            Vice-President- need to check park for weekend in July for HOA picnic


            Secretary/Treasurer – presented financials



Item - Past due accounts


        Foreclosures and bankruptcies


Item – Iguana control

Presentation from Control Company – will send us a plan and contract

Another company – Redline – suggested by homeowner



Item – treatment of Black Olive trees

Presented article from Miami Herald about Coral Gables – will look into it

Item – lake ownership

In order to get grass carps we need to have ownership of lake – will look into it


Item – ACC requests

all requests approved


New business


    Clothing drop in River Run Park – removed thanks to action by commissioner Winston Barnes


    9420 Ashley – numerous complaints about property – clothes in trees, old tires in back yard and swale area, hood of car damaged, gable ends need paint, public defecating in yard by residents, too many vehicles. Will report to city, code enforcement and violations management – possibly also health dept.


      SLWA – ad for insurance being promoted by city. Per online reviews this is not a reputable company

       Brower Electric to bel called to fix lights at entrances


       Board will look into security cameras


      Board will purchase meeting notice signs


Adjourn 8:30 pm





Denise Glaser



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