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21 Sep 2020

Call to order – on zoom 7 pm


Members present – Denise Glaser, Lloyd Singh, Ralph Charles


New business – Kerri-Ann Nesbeth has resigned from the board to run for Miramar Commissioner. The board has appointed Lloyd Singh to fill the vp position


September Budget meeting - FFHOA – Agenda emailed to board with preliminary budget and 2020 YTD financials


Past due accounts –


              9xxx Dunhill – no response to attorney – lien filed – next step foreclosure but all such action currently on hold till 12/31

              9xxx Belaire – still receiving payments from bankruptcy trustee

              9xxx Ashley – has not paid – not sent to attorney as foreclosure has been filed by mortgage company and we would not be able to recoup our fees. Better to lose $210 than thousands.

              9xxx Ashley – on payment plan – balance due $50


Violations –


              9xxx Ashley – have boat in driveway. No response to violation letters. Unless we can get it towed we have no recourse since they are in foreclosure and we couldn’t collect attorney fees to force compliance. Do we want to spend money on legal fees to inquire about towing?


Board response - no


Annual meeting


Should be cancelled unless we can do on zoom since meeting of more than 10 people is prohibited.


Board response – yes

Expiring positions extended thru 2021.


2021 Annual assessments


The board decided to keep the annual assessment for 2021 at $210 with the normal credits for paperless billing and a special one-time covid 19 credit of $50 



Meeting adjourned 7:30 pm


Denise Glaser


Revised 1/20/2022 KAN