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15 Oct 2018

Call to order –  7 pm at River Run meeting room


Quorum established – Denise Glaser, Ralph Charles, Lloyd Singh, Kerri-Ann Nesbeth


Item – Approval of prior minutes

Unanimously approved as presented


Item – Officers Reports


            President - none

            Vice-President - none



                        Presented financials thru 9/30/18


Item – 2019 budget

Unanimously approved as presented – assessment $210


Item – Annual Meeting


  1. budget for meeting – printing and food $200
  2. Election of directors – none needed – updated list distributed
  3. Invited business on Palm Avenue
  4. Invited commissioners


Item - Past due accounts


9560b – filed bankruptcy again – our debt is being added to amounts owed


Item – Violation activity

Report from management company distributed


Item – ACC requests – approved all request presented


Item – New paint brochures

Approved working brochure. Approved new rule – if picked from brochure per rules no ACC request required.


New business

Need to check on entrance lighting

Send out commissioners’ emails to residents


Holiday decorations

approved budget $500 – Kerri-Ann to handle

will do flyer for contest


Complaints for city –

Wood fencing community to east of us

Hole in concrete wall – Estates of Lake Miramar

Bad streets

Weeds in lake



Revised 1/20/2022 KAN