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19 Jan 2021

Call to order – on zoom 7 pm


Members present – Denise Glaser, Lloyd Singh, Ralph Charles, Beverly Adams

Past due accounts –

             All past due accounts from 2020 have been paid

\Violations –

              9xxx Ashley – have boat in driveway. No response to violation letters. Unless we can get it towed we have no recourse since they are in foreclosure and we couldn’t collect attorney fees to force compliance.

9xxx Ashley – numerous vehicles parked at property blocking street. Many inoperable, unlicensed, expired tags.

Do we want to spend money on legal fees to inquire about towing?


Board response – yes – Authorized to contact attorney for process, Also Lloyd will contact towing company for details of process.

Amendments to Rules & Regulations for 2021 – approved by board


1.House painting


Instead of approved colors from a brochure how about –


Allowable house colors –



           Light, pastel, or muted green, blue, brown, tan, peach, gray, yellow

           Medium tan, brown, blue, green, gray




Trim and accent colors should be complimentary.

Garages doors must be one color – no checkerboards


2. Commercial vehicles –


           Pickup trucks and small vans allowed. Sign coverage not required. No large trucks.


3. No approval need for –

a. Replacement of windows and doors with impact windows and doors – no approval needed

b. Solar panels


Meeting adjourned 7:40 pm


Denise Glaser


Revised 1/20/2022 KAN