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Annual Meeting Notice - 2022 > 2017 Proxy

15 Oct 2017

                                                            GENERAL PROXY


Know All Men by These Presents:


            That the undersigned owner(s) or their voting member of Address_________________________________________________________________Miramar, FL 33025 in Franklin Farms Homeowners Association hereby constitute(s) and appoint(s) _______________________________, as nominee, as my true and lawful attorney and proxy with full powers of substitution for and in the names, place and stead of the undersigned, to appear, represent and cast votes upon any matters for which a proxy may be used under the law on behalf of the undersigned at the meeting of Franklin Farms Homeowners Association, Inc., at River Run Park, 9400 Miramar Boulevard, Miramar, Florida 33025 on November 1, 2017, at 7:00 P.M.  (In the event no name is inserted as proxy or the proxy holder fails to attend the Meeting, the undersigned appoints the Secretary of the Association, on behalf of the Board of Directors.)


            I hereby expressly authorize my proxy to use his/her best judgment in exercising my vote on any and all matters which may come before the meeting to the full extent and with all powers which the undersigned would possess if personally present, without restriction as allowed by Florida law.


            The undersigned hereby ratifies and confirms any and all acts and things that said proxy may do or cause to be done in the premises, whether at said meeting or at any change, adjournment or continuation thereof, and hereby revokes all prior proxies heretofore executed.


Dated: _________________, 2017                       Owner(s) or Voting  Representative.








                                                        Substitution of Nominee


            The undersigned proxy, who is the proxy named on the within proxy, does hereby designate as the undersigned proxy's nominee ___________________ to act as proxy as set forth in the attached proxy.


Dated: ________________, 2017





            This proxy should be signed by all the owners of the subject Lot, unless there is on file in the office of the Association a Certificate of Designation of Voting Representative.  

Revised 1/20/2022 KAN